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The ISF Pat Johnson Memorial Scholarship

The Pat Johnson Memorial Scholarship

In Memory of Dr. Pat Johnson, Irlen Diagnostician

Pat Johnson


A key mission of the Irlen Syndrome Foundation is to increase accessibility of Irlen services. Dr. Patricia Johnson believed in this mission passionately, and in over two decades with the Irlen organization, she trained thousands of professionals in the Irlen Method across Texas and surrounding southern states. The Pat Johnson Memorial Scholarship, offered by the Irlen Syndrome Foundation, honors Dr. Pat Johnson’s tireless efforts to bring Irlen Syndrome and the Irlen Method to children and adults suffering from Irlen Syndrome. In the spirit of Dr. Johnson’s tenacity, intellectual prowess, and overwhelming desire to change lives for the better, the Pat Johnson Memorial Scholarship will continue her legacy by making Irlen services available to those in need.

Dr. Johnson was with the Irlen organization for 22 years. She was an instrumental force in growing one of the strongest networks of Irlen Practitioners in the world, training Irlen Screeners across the entire great state of Texas, as well as Mississippi, and Louisiana. She was the driving force behind the Texas Irlen Association, and fought hard to get school children access to Irlen services through school district trainings and proposed state legislation. The Irlen Syndrome Foundation aims to keep Dr. Johnson’s mission and spirit alive through the Pat Johnson Memorial Scholarship, which will give individuals in Texas and the surrounding southern states access to Irlen testing and spectral filters.

In 2015 two Pat Johnson Memorial Scholarships were awarded. Please help us keep Pat’s memory and altruistic mission alive. To make a donation to the Irlen Syndrome Foundation’s Pat Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund, please click the link below or email donate@irlensyndrome.org to talk to someone directly about your contribution.

Donate Online: https://npo.justgive.org/nonprofits/donate.jsp?ein=33-0409023

The Irlen Syndrome Foundation is a 501(3)(c) charity organization. Donations are tax deductible. We are also able to accept donations from “Donor Advised Funds” and Charitable Remainder Trusts. Our federal tax ID is 33-0409023. Our mailing address is 5380 E. Village Rd., Long Beach, CA 90808.

To learn more about the Irlen Syndrome Foundation, please visit: www.irlensyndrome.org