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The Irlen Syndrome Foundation was originally founded in 1996 under the name, Learning Research Association. In 2014, the organization began referring to itself as the Irlen Syndrome Foundation to better reflect its primary goal of actively raising awareness of this disorder. ISF has a long history of providing financial assistance to low income individuals seeking support for Irlen screening and diagnostic services. The Southern California based organization supports research, outreach, and educational efforts around the world. 


At the Irlen Syndrome Foundation, we aim to raise awareness of Irlen Syndrome to increase proper identification and alleviate difficulties associated with the syndrome. Specifically, our mission is to:

  1. Promote solutions for and care of individuals with the condition known as Irlen Syndrome
  2. Facilitate awareness of and education about Irlen Syndrome
  3. Support research and technological advancement in the areas of causes, impacts, and solutions for this condition around the world
  4. Provide financial support to those in need in order that they may receive mitigation for Irlen Syndrome