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Irlen Syndrome Awareness Week is in October


This year, Irlen Syndrome Awareness Week is October 17-21, 2022

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We’ve given out over $50,000 in ISF Scholarships for diagnostic testing and Irlen Spectral Filters to individuals from low-income households, changing the lives of people who would otherwise not have access to Irlen solutions. We can’t do this without your help! If you want to do more, you can join the ISF scholarship campaign effort and help us raise funds with your own personalized fundraising page letting your family and friends know how important this cause is to you.



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Sandra Tosta, PhD


Irlen Syndrome (also referred to at times as Meares-Irlen Syndrome, Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, and Visual Stress) is a problem with the brain’s ability to process visual information. This problem tends to run in families and is not currently identified by other standardized educational or medical tests. This largely unknown and undiagnosed disorder affects approximately 15% of the general population, 50% of individuals with reading and learning difficulties, 30% of individuals with ADHD and autism, and a significant portion of individuals with brain injury, chronic headaches, and migraines.

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Join us for the following Irlen Awareness Week activities in your local area and online:

  • Local Activities: Irlen Syndrome Awareness activities are taking place all over the world during awareness week. These range from picnics and pizza parties, to informational seminars and free mini-screenings. For regular updates on ISAW events around the globe, join the Irlen Awareness Week Facebook Group


  • MONDAY “Make A Difference”: Monday we kick off our “Be A Gamechanger” fundraiser! Change the life of someone with Irlen Syndrome by making a tax-deductible donation to ISF! Your dollars will be doubled by an anonymous donor during this week only, and we’ll be able to help twice as many children and adults get the help they so desperately need.  DONATE NOW
  • TUESDAY “Turn Out the Lights”: Show your support for individuals with Irlen Syndrome by
    turning out your fluorescent lights at school, at work, and at home for one minute on Tuesday, October 18th at 10am (local time) and then log on to the Irlen Website to let everyone know you participated by placing your mark on the BLACK OUT map! This is a simple and easy way to get school or classroom support during Awareness Week, so don’t be afraid to ask your child’s teacher to participate.
  • WEDNESDAY “Wear Your Lenses”: Here’s a fun activity for our Irlen kids! Use the link below for a do-it-yourself colored glasses activity. Ask your classmates to create their own Irlen Spectral Filters, and take a picture with you! Post your photo on Instagram and #ilovemyirlenfilters
  • THURSDAY “Share Your Testimonial”: If you haven’t already, Thursday is the day to pick up your phone, turn the camera on yourself, and tell the world how wearing Irlen Spectral Filters have been a gamechanger in your life. End the video by saying, “I love my Irlen filters!” Then, post your video on Instagram using #ilovemyirlenfilters
  • FRIDAY “Fundraise”: Help us reach our $15,000 fundraising goal! Make a donation, share with your friends, tell them how Irlen Spectral Filters have changed your life, and ask them to become game-changers too by making their own donation.


How you can get involved and make a difference in your hometown:

  • Give a presentation to your class or your school about Irlen Syndrome (sample presentations are available in the resource section of this page)
  • Organize your school or office to Turn Out the Lights in support of individuals with Irlen Syndrome
  • Make Irlen your theme on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. for the week. Share our new headache video or the Irlen Infographic.
  • Donate to help increase access to Irlen services to those who need them most


Download Resources to use in your own awareness week efforts:

  • Turn Out the Lights Promotional Graphic


  • Presentation for Kids and Classrooms


  •     Super Color Rangers
    The children’s book, Super Color Rangers, takes a genuine stab at making color powerful, special, and fun! it’s a great way to share about Irlen Syndrome with any group of young children or elementary classroom. And, on top of all this, every book sold helps benefit the Irlen Syndrome Foundation, providing scholarships for Irlen services, and supporting research and outreach efforts around the world! 



Your gift will help The Irlen Syndrome Foundation will get Irlen Syndrome sufferers the help they need. It will provide access to much-needed Irlen Services both by providing Irlen solutions directly to individuals in need and also by training educators and other professionals to provide these solutions in their own communities. The Irlen Syndrome Foundation is a 501(3)(c) charity and all donations are fully tax-deductible. Our federal tax ID is 33-0409023.