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ISF is committed to advancing understanding, awareness, and solutions for Irlen Syndrome around the globe. One of our goals is to ensure that no school child is left unidentified by 2025. With this, we challenge educators, parents, and medical professionals to learn and understand the signs of Irlen Syndrome. We offer community outreach through our school pilot programs, teacher in-services, and informational seminars, and we have created parent and educator toolkits to allow you to be more informed and better equipped to address Irlen Syndrome in your own area.


Although research about Irlen Syndrome first began decades ago, we believe there is still significant opportunity to fully understand the nature of Irlen Syndrome, the populations it affects, and the impact it has on individual lives. Our research grants encourage exploration in a variety of areas related to the syndrome, including neurological, biological, physiological, psychological, and emotional natures of the condition.


Successful technology does exist to address the issues related to Irlen Syndrome. We are committed to continuing to advance that technology, taking advantage of new opportunities, scientific developments, and changing environments. We support Irlen professionals as they continue to refine and enhance the techniques and solutions that address this Syndrome.


Irlen Syndrome affects millions of people, yet stands apart from other learning and life challenges because of the ease of addressing the issue through non-invasive solutions. We know all too well that individuals who suffer from Irlen Syndrome really want one thing – help. The Irlen Syndrome Foundation seeks to ensure that any individual suffering from this condition can afford the solutions they seek. We do this by offering financial assistance to those in need.


Our team of dedicated development officers and grant writers help us raise the funds necessary to carry out our mission, and we devote a significant amount of energy to earning the generosity and support of donors and partners who make our work possible.